Go Grow Plant Natives, LLC




Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is $1.50 per inch.  If the stump is 50 inchs dbh or around the cost would be $75.00.  Note: if stump has large root system addional cost maybe required.  On a smaller stump minum price of $75.00



 Ave Per Load

Wood & brush removal

Cost for desposal of wood and brush will depend on the going rate at time of service.  It is important to understand this is required to remove wood and brush from worksite.

Price at estimate

Cut and drop

This service is to help the client save money if they are willing to remove wood and brush.  GGPN will cut tree and or limbs based on agreed size at time of estimate.

​Price at estimate

Storm Damage

Price for storm damage will be provided during the estimate.  You will be provided a fair price.  We will not try to take advanage of you during your hour of need.


 Per face cord


Our firewood is sold by the face cord at a fair price for pick up.  If delivery is requested there will be a $0.60 per mile charge for delivery added to cost.

​Price at estimate


Trimming tree limbs or raising/lowing the crown the price will be different for each tree.